Samsung Care+: A Passport to care
Samsung Global was relaunching their mobile insurance program, Samsung Care+. They came to us to design and develop a premium package for their membership card, one that inspires purchase and empowers new members.
Our approach was rooted in the idea that when people purchase a Samsung phone they embark on an incredible journey-- one that is inherently riddled with risks: cracked screens, worn batteries, theft, and damage. Given this, Samsung Care+ takes phone users from a feeling of uncertainty to a destination of care, just as a passport transports travelers safely from one thrilling destination to the next. 
Careful not to replicate a literal passport, we created a simplified design that elegantly celebrates its key nuances. The size, construction, rubber-like paper exterior, and pockets effortlessly bring to life the travel document while also highlighting the key messaging. Tactile details like tension magnets and embossed text helped users find even more unexpected delight in the “unboxing” experience. All together, the Samsung Care+ package reflects the freeing feeling of a passport -- safely enabling users to step out confidently into the mobile unknown.