Hawaii Tourism: Creating an entirely new category of travel for NYC workaholics
Campaign · Branding
Work From Hawai‘i, is a unique residency program designed to reposition the islands from tourist trap to tropical destination ripe for the career-minded New York traveler. Comprised of six bespoke “workcations" the innovative program seeks to attract remote workers via work and living spaces, complete with dedicated ambassadors and unique hands-on Hawaiian experiences, designed to inspire them to do amazing work. Our task was to invent a visual identity that would grab interest and invite participation.
From the beginning, we knew we had to forgo typical Hawaiian visual tropes in favor of a fresh, new visual language. So instead of hula skirts and tiki huts, we chose to let the experiences speak for themselves. Turning the popular workplace jargon of Work From Home, or WFH, on its head, we developed simple layouts framing quiet moments of unoccupied WFH experiences...
Intentionally empowering viewers to imagine themselves working in these novel moments, surrounded by splendor, doing the best work of their lives.
We amplified the system across New York with social content, hand-painted signage, wild postings, and digital billboards. We even developed an immersive digital itinerary which delved deep into the details.
The effort eventually earned 300+ media pickups and drove thousands of New Yorkers to plan their very own WFH trips.