Regeneron: Look to
Your Future
Digital Platform · Branding · Art Direction
Look to Your Future is a one-of-a-kind unbranded initiative that provides those living with retinal disease, a better understanding of how to manage their diagnosis. Regeneron, the brand behind the program, challenged us to rebrand Look to Your Future and recreate their digital experience. 

So in a world where retinal disease information is confusing and sterile, we imagined a different kind of health resource. One that provides clarity, understanding, and elevates what’s possible for people despite their disease. The resulting brand experience puts the user in the driver’s seat and allows their disease to go from mysterious to manageable.
Designed to inspire hope.
Rooted in uplifting character illustrations, empowering colors, and approachable fonts, the entire system is designed to inspire optimism, hope and personal growth.

To ensure legibility, every single element – from the experience to the kerning - was optimized specifically for those suffering with low vision.