NCTA: Giving the public a voice in shaping the internet
Art Direction · Branding · Social
The U.S. cable industry had a big problem: while people love the internet, many love to hate the companies who provide it. The NCTA, the industry’s principal trade association, challenged us to shift public perspective for the better.
Introducing the first ever suggestion box for the internet
We tackled the challenge head-on by initiating a genuine dialogue between the NCTA and the people it serves through the first ever suggestion box for the internet. A way for people to digitally, physically, and socially submit their hopes, dreams and desires for the future of the internet
The visual approach reflects the diverse ideas of the public. Each brand moment evokes a unique combination of color, art, illustration and photography.
The constantly evolving system celebrates the surreal, absurd, and delighful -- bringing to life the different ways for the internet to be challenged and inspired.